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Hot Water Heaters

Hot Water HeatersInstallation: For close to 20 years, Marino’s Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning has been installing and servicing Hot Water Heaters throughout Bergen and Passaic Counties. In that time, we have a gained a reputation for providing quality parts, quick service and affordable rates.

 As you may know, maintenance of your Hot Water Heater is necessary to keep is running properly and to avoid sediment and materials to settle which can cause the tank to rust and slowly be eaten away. Marino’s Plumbing provides annual maintenance to remove the sediments and minerals that not only make your unit work harder but left un-checked can add up to a costly replacement.

Emergency Service:
mergencies do happen – and more than we like to admit, nothing is worse than having your hot water heater burst during the night! Marino’s reliable 24 hour EMERGENCY SERVICE team will be there when you need us most. Regular inspection and maintenance can prevent a hot water heater nightmare from happening but if it does, we will be there with quality parts and professional attentive service.

For more information on Hot Water Heater Installations, Maintenance or Repairs, please contact us today.

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